Welcome to My Portfolio….

Hi,  and welcome to my online portfolio.  In today’s market, finding a job is a daunting task.  With hundreds of qualified candidates applying for any one position, learning how to distinguish myself has been an evolutionary process.  This website is designed to give you insight into my personality, work style and, most importantly, my skill.

My education and experience have left me with a strong ability to listen, think analytically, and work as a member of a team. I learn quickly, work hard and ask a ton of questions along the way. My background in communication stems from my passion for people and relationships.  I am incredibly proud that my work style and skills have led me to be part of a team planning an award-winning, nationwide road trip campaign and another working toward sanitation solutions in Kenya.  I look forward to becoming part of a new team in the future!

Please take the time to review my resume and portfolio materials from the links at the top of the page.  If you have any questions, I can be reached at s07apetersen@gmail.com or 513-265-2583


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